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Dorm Life

I was looking for a home away from home and that’s definitely what I’ve been experiencing here."
I realized the people who lived with me were not just my dorm mates, but my new family: friends who truly cared about me.”

At Exeter, you’ll discover the strong connections that result from living in a residential school environment where 80 percent of the students live on campus. Dorm living creates bonds — many of them lasting into college and beyond — based on shared experiences that span the classroom, the dining hall, athletic teams, clubs and day-to-day living. You’ll meet people you never would otherwise – students who come from around the globe to live and learn at Exeter.

For many students, Exeter is the first time living away from home. We focus on helping new students acclimate and quickly become involved in the dorm, clubs, teams and activities. Dorm proctors welcome new students and help them move in. They continue to play an important mentor role throughout the year, helping with homework, advice and often becoming close friends. Faculty advisers live in apartments in each dorm, providing guidance and help whenever students need it.

Day students join actively in residential life. Large dorms sponsor school-wide social events such as dances and teas which are popular with all students. Day students can stay overnight in the dorms on weekends.

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